Civic Tech Sisters

Civic Tech Sisters is a mentorship program for young female leaders from Ukraine and Germany to mentees with the knowledge of successful female leaders in the Civic Tech sphere and empower them to shape their own leadership role that lies ahead of them.


Civic Tech Sisters, initiated in 2020 as an international Ukrainian-German mentorship program, addresses a pivotal need: empowering and cultivating the leadership potential of women in the civic tech sphere. Born out of the understanding that women in this sector require skills and a supportive community, the program aims to create a nurturing environment for women whose innovative ideas shape society.



The program, spanning six months from June to November, brought together 20 participants — 10 from Germany and 10 from Ukraine — under the mentorship of 10 seasoned leaders. The digital mentorship journey started with collaborative discussions on topics such as female leadership, networking in civic tech, overcoming challenges in male-dominated tech environments, negotiation skills, diversity advocacy, and the intersection of personal and professional goals. The learning process was facilitated through digital meetings, peer learning, and access to an international network. A storytelling component enriched the experience, urging mentees to share their narratives and, through blog presentations, contributed to the elevation of female role models in civic tech. 

At the conclusion of the program in November 2020, the impact resonated in the vibrant community of women leaders emerging in the civic tech sphere. The program's educational trip resulted in the participants' development of civic tech initiatives. The offline event in Kyiv not only served as a platform for sharing learnings and challenges but also promoted the Civic Tech sector, showcased women in tech, and contributed to disseminating knowledge within the industry.


Civic Tech Sisters stands not only as a mentorship program but as a catalyst for change, empowering women to lead, innovate, and reshape the landscape of civic tech.

  • 20 Participants Engaged: A cohort of 20 women, representing the future leaders of civic tech, immersed themselves in a transformative mentorship program.
  • 10 Mentor-Mentee Relationships: Facilitated by seasoned mentors from both Germany and Ukraine, these relationships formed the backbone of knowledge exchange and experiential learning.
  • Storytelling for Impact: The storytelling component resulted in compelling narratives shared through blogs, contributing to the rise of female role models in civic tech.
  • International Civic Tech Network: Participants gained access to a robust international Civic Tech network, connecting them with leaders and projects transforming societies.