Decentralization brings better results and efficiency


DOBRE.Pytannya is an advanced survey tool designed to streamline the survey process within settlements through mobile devices. It offers efficient survey administration with an intuitive interface, offline functionality, and centralized analytics. Catering to administrators, interviewers, and residents, DOBRE.Pytannya transforms data collection into actionable insights for informed decision-making.


Within the DOBRE program, communities diligently craft Service Improvement Plans (SDIPs) to enhance crucial services. An SDIP is a pivotal tool for service management and refinement, forging vital connections between citizens and local authorities or service providers. Typically spanning 5 to 6 years, an SDIP encompasses a comprehensive array, encompassing a situational overview, visionary targets, objectives, prioritized projects for service amelioration, performance metrics, and a meticulous plan for monitoring and evaluation.

Crucially, citizen feedback emerges as a cornerstone in monitoring these plans, reflecting the pulse of service quality. Thus, the ability to track shifts in citizens' perceptions becomes pivotal in this endeavor. Capturing citizens' opinions and expectations becomes paramount for service quality assessment, facilitating timely rectifications and bolstering successes. In this context, SocialBoost has devised the DOBRE.Pytannya – an automated survey platform that serves as a cornerstone in gathering invaluable insights, ensuring a dynamic feedback loop essential for propelling community-led improvements.



DOBRE.Pytannya represents a pioneering survey tool designed to streamline the process of both online and offline surveys within settlements through mobile devices. Comprising an administrative web panel, mobile applications for Android and iOS, and a dedicated results and statistics dashboard, this IT solution operates under the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model, ensuring accessible and user-friendly deployment via standard web browsers.

At its core, DOBRE.Pytannya aims to revolutionize survey administration. The platform centralizes survey activities and associated statistics, providing automated analytics and real-time insights from conducted surveys. The interface is intuitive and adaptive, optimized for a range of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, while its offline functionality guarantees data integrity even without an active internet connection. Beyond survey deployment, the tool supports agent performance monitoring, facilitates system setting reuse, and survey comparison, and delivers impactful visualizations through the DOSVIT system's websites.

Designed for efficiency, DOBRE.Pytannya caters to three distinct roles: 

  • administrators, responsible for system management and user training; 
  • interviewers, equipped with mobile devices to conduct surveys; 
  • residents, crucial respondents in the survey process. 

This pragmatic approach underscores DOBRE.Pytannya's commitment to an inclusive, effective, and insightful survey experience.