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Future of Mobility Lab. UZ edition

Future of Mobility Lab.UZ edition is an incubation program for startups that want to review the technological background of Ukrzaliznytsia, a state-owned joint-stock company administering railway infrastructure and rail transport in Ukraine, and have an idea for a joint project with the enterprise.


The genesis of the Future of Mobility Lab. UZ Edition lies in the challenges faced by Ukrzaliznytsia, one of Ukraine's major enterprises, in navigating the digital landscape. The need for a digital transformation was apparent from process automation to integrated solutions. Recognizing the potential of collaboration with young talents, Ukrzaliznytsia aimed to harness the power of innovation for its digital evolution, particularly in passenger transportation.

The digitalization of the Ukrainian public sector, a pivotal agenda item in the National Investment Council, underscored the substantial investment potential in this direction. In response, the Office of the National Investment Council, collaborating with Ukrzaliznytsia and 1991 Open Data Incubator, laid the groundwork for the Future of Mobility Lab in 2018. This initiative aimed to open up the state sector to startups, fostering a trend of collaboration between state enterprises and startups to create public services and robust digitalization.



Future of Mobility Lab.UZ Edition emerged as an incubation program designed for startups eager to delve into the technological landscape of Ukrzaliznytsia. Pioneering a trend in state enterprise collaboration with startups, this program sought to create relevant public services and elevate the quality of digitalization within the state. The corporate program, initiated by Ukrzaliznytsia and 1991 Open Data Incubator, supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Office of the National Investment Council, welcomed 20 teams for the initial pitch. Following a rigorous selection process, 10 projects were chosen to participate in the program.The selected startups covered a spectrum of innovative solutions:#UZ_AirGuard: Leveraging an army of drones for inspecting rolling stock and infrastructure, enhancing security against theft.#DigitalPassDep: Introducing a digital guaranteed ticket return system for passengers, integrated with mobile applications and booking platforms.#FoodWay: An automated service for delivering food to train carriages, enhancing the onboard dining experience.#BusinessLogic: A digital railway clone for optimizing and planning logistics operations, creating a digital twin of physical processes.#Naudit: A digital auditor employing non-destructive testing services to assess company assets' strength and wear.#PromeTRAIN: Smart trains forming a product supply chain using IoT and blockchain to track cargo delivery, eliminate intermediaries, and digitize paperwork.#SpinFuel: Real-time fuel and lubricant flow monitoring, analyzing, and controlling fuel consumption for diesel locomotives and gas stations.#RideNow: A chatbot for real-time fellow travelers searching the station-home route.#UZ_Migration: Assessing migration processes based on Ukrzaliznytsia data.#Trainy: A comprehensive solution for ticket ordering and user support.During the three-month incubation program, these startups worked on pilot development, receiving mentoring support from industry experts and access to Ukrzaliznytsia's data and infrastructure. The program concluded with a demo day where finalists presented their projects to an audience of guests and potential investors.


The success of the Future of Mobility Lab.UZ Edition is encapsulated in the numbers and impact:

  • Participation: 20 teams entered the pitching session, highlighting the significant interest in collaborating with Ukrzaliznytsia.
  • Selected Projects: 10 projects made it to the corporate program, showcasing the strength and potential of startups in enhancing state enterprises.
  • Innovation Impact: The incubated startups addressed critical challenges, from security to logistics optimization, showcasing the tangible impact of innovation on the rail sector.
  • Investor Interest: The demo day provided a platform for startups to connect with potential investors, fostering financial support for continued growth.
  • Ministry Support: The project received backing from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, showcasing a synergy between government initiatives and private sector innovation.

The Future of Mobility Lab.UZ Edition was a testament to the efficacy of collaboration between state enterprises and startups, driving digital transformation and setting a precedent for innovation in the public sector.