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National Defence Hackathon

National Defence Hackathon is the large-scale Ukrainian hackathon that brought together the best Ukrainian specialists in cyber security, combating disinformation, and experts in the IT sphere from the public and private sectors with the participation of NATO and foreign cybersecurity experts.


In response to the multifaceted challenges posed by the full-scale invasion and the need for innovative solutions in cyber warfare and information security, the National Defense Hackathon was initiated in Ukraine. Post-February 24, Ukrainian IT specialists, cyber experts, and engineers united in an unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sectors. The urgency of enhancing the technological capabilities of the Armed Forces against the Russian aggressor prompted the establishment of this hackathon.



The National Defense Hackathon 2022 was a dynamic platform fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors. Over three days, nearly 500 participants, including the best Ukrainian cyber specialists, IT experts, and international representatives, engaged in an intensive hackathon. With an emphasis on technical, disinformation combat, and legal challenges, the event aimed to develop innovative solutions to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a significant technological advantage.

The competition unfolded in three key areas, addressing real-world tasks crucial for the country and its defense forces. Teams tackled diverse challenges, from data analysis systems and video stream innovations to psychological influence and counter-disinformation measures. The collaborative effort showcased the adaptability and inventiveness of participants in employing existing technologies, leveraging their skills, and generating novel ideas within tight timelines.


The National Defense Hackathon 2022 was the largest event of its kind in Ukraine, boasting impressive participation numbers. Nearly 300 participants formed 41 teams that directly competed, presenting 17 selected projects at the technical solutions exhibition. Furthermore, around 200 specialists participated in panel discussions integrated into the hackathon.

Beyond the numbers, the hackathon yielded tangible outcomes. Teams successfully formulated concepts, built innovative solutions, and demonstrated their projects in a short timeframe. These solutions encompassed data analysis systems, video stream advancements, large-scale data collection and analysis, enemy identification systems, and distraction and psychological influence measures. Notably, teams in the technical direction and IPSO shared experiences of practical applications of their ideas in countering the Russian aggressor. The hackathon thus played a pivotal role in advancing the technological capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.