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National Open Data Portal

The first version of the unified state open data portal




In 2014, SocialBoost pioneered the launch of the National Open Data Portal,, in collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Communal Services, marking a significant stride toward transparent governance in Ukraine. serves as a centralized repository for open government data, collecting information across 12 categories as mandated by Ukrainian legislation. These categories encompass legal, financial, transport, demographic, cultural, social, and other datasets. By aggregating and systematizing information, the portal significantly improves the accessibility of public data. This shift enables Ukrainian developers and activists to leverage data to create socially impactful services.

Acknowledging the critical need for robust hosting, Microsoft Ukraine has generously provided SocialBoost with the resources of the Windows Azure cloud platform. This support ensures seamless operation and uninterrupted access to the national portal, underlining a collaborative effort to advance technological infrastructure.


  • empowers the Ukrainian tech community and activists by offering a wealth of structured data. This empowerment fosters the creation of applications and services that cater to various aspects of public life, contributing to societal welfare.
  • The portal facilitates smoother everyday interactions between citizens and the state. Accessible data allows citizens to make informed decisions, understand government processes, and actively engage in governance-related discussions.
  • The initiative substantially enhances transparency in governance. Openly accessible data strengthens the bridge between the government and its citizens, fostering trust and collaboration.
  • The availability of diverse datasets acts as a catalyst for innovation within the IT sector. Entrepreneurs and developers can explore new avenues, leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions that align with the needs of Ukrainian society.

In summary, is a testament to SocialBoost's commitment to open governance and technological progress. By providing a structured and accessible repository of government data, this initiative has far-reaching implications, from fostering innovation to strengthening the relationship between citizens and the state.