Promoting good governance and a positive business climate in the OSCE region through digitalization and the use of open data

Open Data Unbroken

Open Data. Unbroken is an accelerator for open data projects to directly address wartime challenges.


In our digitally-driven world, the economic impact of open data is strikingly evident. By 2025, open data initiatives are anticipated to contribute a significant €334 billion to the European Union's economy. As societies increasingly integrate technology into public policy, open data becomes a crucial force in fortifying governance, fostering business-friendly climates, and shaping resilient investment landscapes.

Open Data. Unbroken was an accelerator devoted to nurturing digital ventures fueled by open data. With a core mission of enhancing transparency, accountability, and effective governance within public institutions, the accelerator addressed societal needs, especially in challenging wartime conditions. Recognizing the pivotal role of open data projects, the accelerator aimed to tackle wartime challenges comprehensively. 



Open Data. Unbroken, initiated with key objectives, engaged Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and private businesses to fortify state institutions using open government data. The program, operational from June to September 2023, focused on transparency and accountability, civic involvement, and forging partnerships.

The program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT) and OSCE, selected three standout projects from 20 shortlisted teams:

  • Chatbot "IDP Nazar": A Viber and Telegram bot aiding internally displaced persons in finding jobs and securing compensation for housing.
  • Information Aggregator "Plant Varieties": Enhances decision-making for agricultural enterprises based on the eco-environment using open data.
  • Chatbot "Where is the Shelter?": Facilitates citizens in finding the nearest shelter and reporting shelter issues.

Integral to the program was robust mentorship with three mentors, ensuring teams receive tailored guidance. The mentorship approach emphasized individualized development plans for successful project execution.


Every participating team received a grant of 10,000 euros (400,000 UAH), a testament to their exceptional promise and strong alignment with the program's objectives. This financial support was geared towards propelling the development of their innovative products, and fostering the growth of impactful solutions that address critical challenges.