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The Realies is a program to support representatives of Ukrainian civil society who fight disinformation and promote a pluralistic information landscape.


In the face of rising disinformation and propaganda, a response was needed to cultivate a healthy information landscape. Traditional journalism faltered in the digital age, enabling the spread of misinformation. To counter this, the Realies program was conceived, recognizing the importance of collective action in the digital information era. The aim was to empower Ukrainian civil society actors, providing them with tools and knowledge to combat disinformation.



The Realies ran a digital program from October to December 2022, fostering a collaborative space for 15 selected Ukrainian actors. These individuals, with diverse backgrounds, discussed challenges, refined project ideas, and explored ways to counter disinformation. The program focused on capacity building, networking, and reflection, offering a mix of expert input, peer learning, and constant feedback loops. Participants received mentorship, educational modules, and a platform for discussing their individual situations and challenges.


  • Competent Minds: The program equipped participants with competencies to counter disinformation effectively.
  • Innovative Projects: Each participant developed a project to address specific challenges related to disinformation.
  • Collaborative Network: The program fostered a network of innovative minds dedicated to countering disinformation.
  • Global Impact: Projects such as "Chornobyl Insight," "TST' for environmental issues, and "Interactive Ukrainian Vienna" aimed at broader social impact.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Approach: Projects like "Fake News Database" and "Propaganda in International Communication" showcased a cross-disciplinary approach to tackle misinformation.

The Realies succeeded in not just building individual capacities but in fostering a collaborative network of informed individuals ready to combat disinformation on multiple fronts.